Monday, October 11, 2010

What's my Halloween costume and why?

I was planning on trying to find a fun Mad Hatter costume. After looking all around I kept finding different things here and there for the queen of hearts. That mean oh lady with a big head. I thought, hmmm I think I can pull these 5 designers things together and it'll be 1 of a kind. So I bought them all and yup it looks awesome!!! I had made an adult dress fit me but that took a long time b/c I had to do it prim by prim. There was no size script and I couldn't stretch is smaller. Luckily, it turned out great!!! I can't wait to show everyone it. I got amazing skin to match too. I'm also getting a custom gesture that says, "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" like how she says it in the movie. The only thing next is to buy red hair. They have a heart shape one but I can't afford 400L on hair i'll wear just with that. yikers!!! So, I'm the queen of hearts b/c it just kinda feel into my lap ... that and everyone loves me... jk! :)

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