Friday, October 15, 2010

Are you pessimistic or optimistic? Why?

I'm a big big dreamer cuz I dream a lot. I mean lots! I think maybe I have a mixture of both of the "imistics" but I seem to be going more towards optimistic. I'm very hopefully I will become a photographer in rl. I might not be where I'd like to be in it at this age, so a bit of pessimistic in that situation. But I know my goals and passion for it, will help me succed in it. I know the outcome of this will be succesfull and uber fantastic. I guess I could be pessimistic too cuz I can be a pess sometimes to people. :) The thing is though, I do look at a glass 1/2 empty. So I'm so clueless on really what I am!!!

my pic for the day: my egg and I (Egguardo Benedict Royale Foxtrot)

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