Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Get those camera's ready!!!

My Momma calls me, "snapshot" for some strange reason. ;) Probably b/c I love taking pictures! What better place to take pictures then camp!!! So those that are going to camp or even if you're not. I bet you all have TONS of single poses and think they're only good for single snapshots of yourself? I'm here to show you some examples of having fun and mixing it up!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kaden Sharing

My Chippy goes to school with me and Kaden had a candy cane in his mouth. Chippy wanted one and climbed up on Kaden's shoulder. But to Chippy's suprise, he got a better treat... a cookie!!!!

If you could design a type of ice cream what would be in it & what would you call it?

I'd have the non fat, low calories, no sugar, and good vitamins ice cream, but one that taste good! This way, we can eat lots and lots of it and not get fat or have the bad sugar bugs in our teeth. So when you ask your parents if you can have a snack, ice cream is a healthy choice for you! My flavor would be chocolate and with coconut, marshmallow, and nuts on top of it. Plus, I'd have a cool Hobbes spoon to eat it with. :)

 The name of it would be... Foxtroters

What would you do if you saw little bugs in your salad?

First off, hopefully I didn't take any other bites before, so incase I didn't eat a buddy of the bugs. That'd be really gross. Id end up throwing all the salad away and then giving the rest of the package to my guinea pigs. They love baby spinach. Secretly though, I'd take the bug and put it near Kaden, just to see if he screams like a girl again... like when i threw water balloons at him.